Why Choose Us

Snowy Dream World
Client Centrist Service

Snowy Dream World Treks & Expeditions Pvt.Ltd. has the faith in consistent development, which is the reason we are in steady contact with our explorers to understand what they looking for from our service. Snowy Dream world’s itineraries and method for working have all been customized to suit our customer’s preferences. In addition, we keep up contact with you before, while and after your trip to appreciate regarding your adventure. Our development oriented focus has helped us to bettering ourselves in our services.

Varied Options

Travel presents freedom and one can enjoy really if hey have choices. At Snowy Dream World, we ensure you have a lot of options encounters to look over to make your vacation live and you can customize your trip according to your budget and length of stay. We are always ready to help you according to our client’s desires.

Fitness and Safety is our first Priority

Travel in the Himalayas is quite challenging. Because of the difficulties, you may look here as a traveler, our expert guides give additional attention to your health, to relieve the sickness of the altitude and strain of trekking. Prepared in fundamental medical aid, they are exceedingly responsive and fast to respond if there should be an occurrence of a crisis. In addition, the organization takes full responsibilities for every precautions for your health and safety during your travel.

skilled and Friendly staff

We trust that skilled staff prompts an incredible service. In the travel industry, a staff needs to adjust many jobs and be available no matter what to their traveler. with preparing in communication skills and good guiding, they are very open and friendly . In addition, we give you authorized and government licensed guides who are well-outfitted with broad information of local societies. They additionally have fluent and good English relational abilities and hierarchical capacities to lead all trekking group of any sizes.

Honesty and Respectability is our best policy.

This sentiment is what our basis is built on, we carry it in all aspects of our work, for the trip, we clearly brief you on what to expect, and we charge the services with no extra cost so you can budget your own way. We also offer a money-back guarantee in case you come across poor services due to our team members. Our guides is there for your every step of your way to communicate with right information honesty.

Concentrated on Eco-tourism

Our center is constantly based on giving back, which is the reason we make it a need to lead our treks in a way that causes insignificant effect in the environment.We are contributing to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage such as sponsoring recycling projects, contributing necessity goods to the schools and locals in the far area, etc. We are very proud to be part of the sustainable development with the hope of maintaining Eco-tourism.

Looking after the team members.

Snowy Dream World is a business built on relations. Our structural cultures flourish on competence and hard work, but it is the caring manner in which we involve with our staffs that has run the business to enjoy a healthy attitude. We look after our staff’s instant needs, such as insurance and health care. Furthermore, we distribute their load by putting the heaviness limit on porters, provide reasonable and rewarded salaries and profits to the whole team.

  • Fully Locally Owned Company
  • Quality Of Service and reasonable price
  • Highly skilled Staff
  • Flexible and customization trip itinerary
  • 100% Customer satisfaction