<strong>Bunjee Jumping Tour Packages In Nepal</strong>

The terrifying free fall that you experience when your bungee jumps into one hundred sixty-one-meter-deep one-meter-deep valleys from the bridge over the Bhote Koshi river is one of the top adventure activities in Nepal. Don’t even consider skipping sky diving in Nepal, the formerly experience in the Himalayan nation, if you are in Nepal for your vacation because it is so close to Kathmandu only three hours by car, this climb parcel might well be added to any trekking or vacation itinerary in Nepal. The 160-meter jump was designed by New Zealand’s top bungee advisors & it is run by a few of the company’s most skilled jump masters.

If you want some adventure when visiting Nepal you should think about bungee jumping you should surely give it a try at least once unlike skydiving river rafting paragliding trekking.

Bungee jumping doesn’t require any special training or tools all we must do is organize your leap.

Bhotekoshi bungee jumping:

One of the largest bungee jumping sites in the world is now in Bhote Koshi third highest bungy jumping

 location in Asia around Bhote Koshi the Bungy levels reach a height of one hundred sixty meters.

The trip takes three hours from Kathmandu the last destination which also hosts other activities like swinging whitewater rafting etc. arranges skydive.

Price of Bhote Koshi Bungee Jumping:

Consequently, Bhote Koshi is really the locale where bungee was given by the gods it is situated in the ideal area and is well-developed there is no ideal time of year for visitors to attend this thrilling event. The entire season is open for ticket purchases the bungy jumping location was created by a bungee specialist is a good guidance.

For Nepalis, the cost of bungee jumping at Bhote Koshi:
Day Trip ActivitiesCost NPR
Trip to the CanyonsRs. 6,990
Rafting TripRs. 3,790
A Day Trip by Bungy or SwingRs. 8800
Couples Day TripRs. 12,990
Days of Bungy and SwingRs. 11,500
Canyoning and Bungy TripRs. 12,600
Only Visit TripRs. 1,900
For Foreigners, the cost of bungee jumping at Bhote Koshi:
Day Trip ActivitiesCost USD
Trip to the Canyons$65
Rafting Trip$45
A Day Trip by Bungy or Swing$75
Couples Day Trip$120
Days of Bungy and Swing$125
Canyoning and Bungy Trip$135
Only Visit Trip$30

Bhotekoshi’s requirements for bungee jumping:

Weight requirements for bungee jumpers can range from forty kilograms to hundred kilograms.

To participate in bungee jumping, you must be at least eighteen years old.

For a swing, the weight must range from forty kg to one hundred twenty kg and for a tandem swing the combined pair weight must be one hundred forty kg.

Before buying a ticket, anyone at the age of eighteen must have a parent sign the waiver and weigh a minimum of Forty kg.

No one is allowed who has steel in their body.

It is prohibited to bungee jump when nursing a ligament injury.

Bungee is not permitted for pregnant ladies.

Pokhara Bungee Jumping:

Pokhara is a well-known tourist destination that practically everyone traveling to Nepal will not want to miss. Pokhara is a location that God has blessed and is well known for its adventures of all kinds. You may now perform a bungee jump at Pokhara to up the ante. It is operated by HighGround Adventures and is the only tower bungee in Nepal. Higher Elevation Bungee provides a three-second freefall and a physical size vertical drop. Despite current comparisons between Pokhara bungee jumping the thrill is more akin to the final Hotel.

Price of Pokhara Bungee Jumping:
For Nepalis, the cost of bungee jumping at Pokhara:
Day Trip ActivitiesCost NPR
Bungee incl. picture videoRs. 5500
Sunrise ZiplineRs. 11000
Motion/Sky Screamer includes videoRs. 1950
ZiplineRs. 5500
Superman ZiplineRs. 7000
Sunrise ATVRs. 11000
ATV Backyard Pump trailRs. 1800
Tandem or Couple Bungee photo video includeRs. 9900
ATV Fun TrailRs. 5400
For Foreigners, the cost of bungee jumping at Pokhara:
Day Trip ActivitiesCost USD
Bungee incl. picture video$45
Sunrise Zipline$85
Motion/Sky Screamer includes video$17
Superman Zipline$55
Sunrise ATV$85
ATV Backyard Pump trail$15
Tandem or Couple Bungee photo video include$80
ATV Fun Trail$44

Pokhara requirements for bungee jumping:

It is not permitted if the customer is pregnant.

Throughout the trip, alcohol should not be ingested.

The minimum age for jumpers is Ten.

It is not permitted if the customer’s joints are easily movable.

To accept the waiver, minors under the age of eighteen should be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.

It is prohibited if the customer is currently taking or has ever taken medicine for high or low blood pressure.

It is prohibited if the client suffers from asthma or any respiratory condition.

The weight range for jumpers is thirty-five kilos and one hundred twenty-five kilos.

Shoes with a closed toe must be secure.

It is not permitted if the customer recently underwent any medical procedures, including bone fracture treatment.

Kushma Bungee Jumping:

The kushma bungee is a standard bungee jump that is the highest in asia and the second-tallest in the world action seekers were drawn in by kusmas bungee jumping exhilaration at the base of the himalayan magnificence the kushma bungee is a special experience without the need for doubt it is at the top of many peoples to-buy and container lists one of the riskiest activities in kushma which also has a lovely common area is bungee jumping because of the fracture in the kali gandaki river the deep inner george in the globe is kali gandaki.

For Nepalis, the cost of bungee jumping at Kushma:
Day Trip ActivitiesCost NPR
At Kusma, the Canyon Swing (per person)Rs. 6990
Swing and bungee (per person)Rs. 10490
At Kusma, bungee jumping (per person)Rs. 6990
Near Kusma, the Tandem Canyon Swing (per couple)Rs. 11990
For Foreigners, the cost of bungee jumping at Kushma:
Day Trip ActivitiesCost USD
At Kusma, the Canyon Swing (per person)$ 55
Swing and bungee (per person)$ 85
At Kusma, bungee jumping (per person)$ 55
Near Kusma, the Tandem Canyon Swing (per couple)$ 95

Kushma requirements for bungee jumping:

Canyon Swing has a minimum & maximum weight limit of forty kilograms & one hundred twenty kilograms, respectively.

The waiver cannot be signed by a minor without their legal guardian present.

The weight limit for bungee jumping at Kusma is forty kilograms min. & one hundred ten kilograms max.

The max. combined weight for Tandem Swing at Kushma cannot be greater than one hundred twenty kilograms.

Only those Twelve years of age and above are permitted to use the Bungee and Swing at Kusma.

The following eight suggestions will help you have a fun and safe bungee jumping experience in Nepal:

Whenever you have a previous history of high blood pressure, heart disease, or another significant medical condition, it really is advised that you avoid bungee jumping.

Mentally get yourself ready for the leap. Deep breathing and thinking uplifting thoughts can be involved in this.

Remember to enjoy yourself and indeed the rush of the climb.

We can avoid long lines just at the bungee jumping location by getting there soon.

Additionally, bungee jumping should not be done while pregnant.

Observe all directions & security recommendations given by the bungee jumping team.

It is recommended to go bungee jumping with relatives or friends instead of by yourself.

Don’t be afraid to get muddy or wet; just wear apparel. Steer clear of clothes that are too sloppy or baggy as they could catch just on a bungee cord or other devices.

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