White River Rafting

Nepal is a place where there is various world class waterways which give fun and energizing stream boating undertakings. You can have a day of boating or pick an all-inclusive outing that lets you camp on the stream and appreciate the way of life and magnificence that encompasses you. Boating in Nepal is one of the most famous experience and it is consider as heaven land for stream sprinters. There are different evaluation of whitewater boating trips conceivably fluctuate with intrigue and decision. The individuals who are searching for long days endeavor type run may join for Sun Koshi and Karnali boating trip together consolidating with untamed life safari visit in closer National parks. For short boating and family run may go to pontoon on Trishuli and Seti for smooth class of run and experience. In the event that you have any mission about boating in Nepal let us know your inclinations we will give you the best choice and bundle offer.

Boating in Different River of Nepal

Nepal is honored with the absolute most stunning and most stupendous streams on the planet. The blend of wonderful mountain landscape, invigorating white water rapids, warm water, and entrancing social open doors make Nepal one of the head spots to go wilderness boating. Eco Trek offers fun and energizing boating stumbles on the best streams in Nepal. The best time for boating in Nepal is normally September to early December and March to June. This is the point at which the climate is ideal and the water is the hottest.

Eco Trek runs two distinct sorts of stream trips relying upon to what extent you need your excursion to be and what waterway you need to pontoon. The principal type is a day stumble on the stream. We give transportation to and from the stream just as an entire day of boating. This is the ideal outing for any individual who needs to figure out wilderness boating or doesn’t possess energy for a medium-term trip. For the most part we run the vast majority of our day stumbles on the Trishuli and Bhote Koshi streams.

Our other sort of excursion comprises of a few days of boating while at the same time outdoors medium-term by the stream. This gives you a lot of time to swim and unwind on a portion of the white sand sea shores on the stream. We have watchmen to set up camp and an individual cook who will get ready sheltered and delicious dinners. Outdoors trips require at least 6 to 8 customers in a gathering it helps on the off chance that you can discover other people who are keen on boating. During the season we have numerous outings leaving a few times each week so it isn’t elusive a gathering. Also, similar to each Eco-Trek trip, we need to furnish you with a mind-blowing excursion so mention to us what you need. We can consolidate boating with trekking or wilderness undertakings or both in the event that you wish.

Waterways are evaluated for their trouble on a size of class 1 – 6.

A class 1 waterway has a more slow moving flow with practically zero hindrances.

Class 2 and 3 waterways for the most part are quick moving with certain deterrents and littler to medium size rapids.

Class 4 streams have long, ceaseless areas of white water and huge waves which requires solid rowing and great cooperation in the pontoon.

Class 5 streams have incredible drawn out segments of rapids and huge openings, which requires exceptionally solid rowing and ideally some past boating experience.

Class 6 is viewed as practically difficult to run.