Winter Travel Destination in Nepal

The Ten Best Places in Nepal to Visit in the Winter:

From either the unruly, powerful mountains of the north to the verdant plains and farms in the south, Nepal is a succession of beautiful nature. Here are ten best Places to visit in Nepal.

Kalinchowk of Dolakha:

It’s a major spot for hikers, where we love engaging in both light adventures and interesting viewing. On the opposing side, devotion operations are also well-known at this location.

Top things to do during the winter.

  • Trekking
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Skiing
  • Kalinchowk Bhagwati temple
  • Dolakha Bhimsen temple
  • Sunkoshi and Tamakoshi river
  • Langtang Himal
  • Gauri Shankar
  • Jugal Himal
  • Shisha Pangma

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If you want to visit a place with breathtaking natural beauty while having an adventurous vacation. You should visit Pokhara. This serene location offers lakes, mountains, extreme sports, and much more. Additionally, a popular destination is an entrance to the Annapurna ranges, which is the goal of every ardent trekker. The peak of trekking is the Annapurna Circuit. Visit however many temples as you can, as well as settlements and stupas from many cultures.

Top things to do during the winter.

  • Trekking is a major activity here
  • Visit a different museum
  • Skydiving
  • Paragliding
  • Rock climbing
  • Birdwatching
  • Base jumping
  • Annapurna Circuit
  • Shree gaden dhargay ling monastery
  • Phewa Lake
  • Devi’s Falls
  • Boating
  • Adventures sports
  • Canoeing
  • White water rafting

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The little village of Nagarkot is situated in Nepal’s heartland. It is renowned for having a clear view of the Himalayas and for supporting a large variety of butterfly species. From here, one can see eight of the Himalayas’ thirteen mountain ranges. This is feasible both in the winter and summer.

Top things to do during the winter.

  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Nagarkot Nature Trail
  • Trekking
  • Paragliding
  • Panoramic hiking trail
  • Sunset and sunrise viewing
  • Kailashnath Mahadev statue

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Poon Hills:

Poon Hill in Nepal gives a breathtaking view. It’s a popular location for hiking especially for people visiting Nepal for a brief period of time. If you travel this route in the winter, the cold may provide a challenge. However, you should be aware that even a winter like this brings out the finest in the surroundings. The best site to learn about local culture and take interesting photos is Poon Hill. Lows below freezing are possible several mornings and evenings. The average temp of Ghorepani is 4oC. It won’t be many significant snowfalls, but in the forested areas, snowfall may persist for a while, planning new pathways hazardous.

Top things to do during the winter.

  • Hiking
  • Climb to Pikey Peak
  • Staying
  • Altitude of the Poon Hill Tour
  • The highest parts of the hike see snowfall.
  • Celebrating the new year in the great outdoors
  • Poon Hill’s vantage position offers a breathtaking sunrise vista.
  • Tour Ghorepani Poonhill

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Numerous towers from Nepal are known for this valley. Other people adore making the trip to the valley’s rim to see the Himalayas up close. In comparison to these other spectacular tourist locations, this one, above two thousand and seventy-three meters, is peaceful. The area is well-known for the Shivapuri National Park, which is located not far from Kakani. In addition to these, the valley is the location of numerous adventurous activities.

       Top things to do during the winter.

  • A mountain bike
  • Himal Ganesh
  • Visits to strawberry farms
  • Visit a memorial park
  • Bhamte Choba
  • Mountain gazing
  • Thai memorial peaceful park


Everyone will be reminded of Nature Reserve by Chitwan. Thankfully, it isn’t the only tourist destination in the area. The area is well-known for its palaces, lakes, commercial districts, outdoor activities, and much more. Chitwan is renowned for its abundance of deep forests. Keep in mind that there are many leopards in the forest. Never venture into the forest on your own. Buy mustard oil here if you feel like doing some shopping. Chitwan is known across the world for its mustard farming. Try the local cuisine when visiting Chitwan. The national food is a spicy fried goat dish with cherries. Momos, balata, sukutikhaja set, and other delicacies are also available.

Top things to do during the winter.

  • Boating
  • Jump off a cliff
  • Birdwatching
  • Animal spotting and a jungle excursion
  • City Exploration
  • Trekking
  • Narayani river
  • Chitwan national park
  • Chitwan tharu village
  • Tiger residency resort
  • Bishazari Tal
  • Elephant Breeding Centre
  • Crocodile breeding centre
  • Jalbire waterfalls
  • Ranipokhari
  • Bishazari taal


The Himalayan area of Nepal is home to this remote monarchy. Here, visitors can engage in a variety of customary pursuits and discover a distinctive way of life. To visit Upper Mustang, special authorization is required. But it is completely worthwhile (not during winter). Winter visitors should stay in Lower Mustang. You can take part in various cultural festivals if you hang around. The Tiji Festival is the greatest of all. It’s not only about trekking in Nepal in the winter. Check out our special blog post about the top things to do while in Nepal.

Top things to do during the winter.

  • Finding fossils
  • Kali Gandaki river
  • A mountainous Jeep ride
  • Trekking
  • Muktinath temple
  • Jomsom muktinath trek
  • Going to the orchards
  • Red Cliffs
  • Visiting places of worship
  • Thubchen Gompa
  • Marpha Monastery
  • Ghar Gompa
  • Bara Gaon
  • Upper mustang

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Ilam is a lovely location with an abundance of wildlife, a rich cultural heritage, and other things. Popular locations include Antu Danda, Mai Pokhari, Sadakpur, Kanyam, Siddhi Thumka, & others. Ilam is the name of a hilly region in the eastern commercial center of Nepal. The region, one of Nepal’s most populous, is particularly popular for its tea plantations. Ilam is recognized for its various hills, which are well-liked tourist destinations in addition to its exceptional beauty. The region’s animals and picturesque environs lure tourists. Ilam is among the most popular tourist destinations in the east of Nepal.

Top things to do during the winter.

  • Visit a tea garden
  • Mai pokhari
  • Temple to Seti Devi
  • Siddhithumka & Gajurimukhi
  • Todke falls
  • Drive the mountain route
  • Hiking in the forest
  • Chhintapu
  • Yearly winter fair
  • Sandakpur/Sandakpur
  • View of the sunset and sunrise
  • Kanyam and Phikkal
  • Shree antu
  • Visit to Pathibhara, Mai Beni, GajurMukhi, and others
  • Hangetham & Choyatar forest

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One of Nepal’s most isolated regions is Dolpo, which is located in Phoksundo Nature Reserve Mid Western Nepal. It is a unique location with clear mountain views, a wide variety of flora and fauna, and some of the most beautiful wildlife inhabitants. During trekking in the Dolpo region, you might also be able to interact with the agro-pastoral inhabitants, known as Dolpo in conventional Tibetan. They frequently support the Bon-Po religion. The remote area has preserved the Tibetan lifestyle style in a more unspoiled form, which makes it appealing to tourists. The region is home to sixty-four monasteries, large and tiny combined.

Top things to do during the winter.

  • Phoksundo Lake (Nepal’s deepest and cleanest lake)
  • Good faith
  • National Park of Shey Phoksundo (The largest National Park in Nepal)
  • Ringmo
  • Tinje Valley
  • School Dolpo Bon (the only Bon School in Dolpo)
  • Kanjirowa Mountain
  • Peak Dolpo
  • The largest lake in Nepal is Rara.
  • Village of Dho Tarap
  • Waterfall Suli Gad
  • Gompa Shey
  • Valley of Dho Tarap
  • Waterfall in Suligad
  • Rara lake

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The Buddhist pilgrimage site of Lumbini. It is a serene location and also the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama, also known as the fabled Lord Gautam Buddha. Both domestic and international travelers frequent Lumbini as a prominent tourist attraction. Additionally, Lumbini is one hundred and fifty meters above sea level. You have the chance to view and learn about temples, stupas, and important historical and cultural scriptures in Lumbini.

Top things to do during the winter.

  • Mayadevi pond, Temple, and Sacred Garden
  • Ashokan pillar
  • Sri Lankan monastery
  • Camping
  • Golden temple in Myanmar
  • Try the Jhwaikhattey millet beer from the area.
  • Puskarni Pond
  • The Bodhi tree
  • World peace pagoda
  • Great lotus stupa
  • Lumbini Museum
  • Thailand monastic
  • Central Canal & Lumbini monastic sites
  • Sacred Garden
  • Japan peace stupa
  • Royal Thai Buddist Monastery
  • Gotihawa
  • Tilaurakot

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