Mountain Biking


Tearing down soil streets on a trail blazing bicycle and getting an adrenaline surge is the greatest rush for mountain bikers. Also, Nepal is the ideal nation for such cheerful individuals experience searchers. Starting right here in the Kathmandu valley, there are unlimited conceivable outcomes for bikers.

The soil trails all over the valley’s edge lead to distant where one can appreciate wonderful perspectives on snow topped mountains,verdant valleys and lavish green terraced slopes. The higher you climb the better the view and the perfect mountain air restores your drained body. Once out of the valley, there are unlimited columns of slopes, cascades and spectacuular perspectives on mountains that pose a potential threat out of sight.

Better despite everything head for the mountains which brings outrageous difficulties where the landscape is harsh and the slim mountain air expects you to be at a high wellness level. There are peaceful valleys to ride through, immaculate icy lakes to experience and the vicinity to the Himalayan mountain leaves you in stunningness. The ever-grinning individuals of the mountain district make everything advantageous. Their warm welcome en route will cause you to feel at home, enough to make you need to remain. It’s an incredible method to find the central core of Nepal.

No-nonsense bikers ride through the Himalayas straight up toward the northern fringe with Tibet. Connect with one of the numerous offices that compose such excursions for sightseers. Their biking visits can take you to most goals in Nepal or even to Tibet. Mainstream goals around the valley are Bhaktapur, Sankhu, Budanilkantha, Nagarkot and the Kathmandu valley edge which incorporates Khokana, Dakshinkali, Godavari and so on. Pokhara is entrancing for bicycle rides with its extraordinary regular excellence. Yearly mountain biking titles are held in Kathmandu and Pokhara where travelers are welcome to take an interest.

Ride through rich green rice fields, great little villages, here and there the slopes, along waterway banks, around sanctuaries, past wanderer steers, over suspension spans and along interstates. Trail blazing bicycles can be effectively leased for the afternoon or significantly longer from one of the various bike rental shops in Thamel and around the city. Take a guided bicycle visit to more readily comprehend the neighborhood culture, mood of straightforward town life and to visit fascinating destinations which you would some way or another miss without anyone else. Find a good pace genuine Nepal through one of the most charming game of biking.

Guided Tours

A blasting number of Nepali organizations offer guided trail blazing bicycle trips. They give great bikes, neighborhood and Western aides, protective caps and all the essential hardware. There is typically at least four cyclists required per trip, in spite of the fact that for shorter visits two is frequently adequate. For the shorter visits (a few days) vehicle support isn’t required, while for longer visits vehicles are given at an additional expense.

Nearby gathering visits run from US$55 to US$65 for a straightforward day trip with bicycle rental, for example, the circle courses north from Kathmandu to Tinpiple, Tokha and Budhanilkantha, or south to the conventional town of Bungamati. Hope to pay around US$25 per day in the event that you simply need an off-road bicycle direct.

A quicker paced downhill day trip with vehicle bolster costs around US$100 per individual. Choices incorporate heading to Nagarkot and riding down to Sankhu and Bodhnath or Bhaktapur, or heading to Kakani and bringing the Scar Rd down through Shivapuri National Park. Day break Till Dusk and Chhango offer thrilling downhill runs from the highest point of Phulchowki and Nagarjun tops.

Multiday trips around the Kathmandu Valley cost around US$55 every day without vehicle reinforcement (US$75 with vehicle backing) and range from two to 10 days. Costs incorporate bicycle enlist, a guide, lodging settlement and dinners.

Longer guided excursions incorporate the byway course from Kathmandu to Pokhara and a four-day ride from Jomsom to Beni.

Visit Companies

Various organizations have great quality imported trail blazing bicycles that can likewise be contracted freely of a visit.

Elective Nepal Mountain-bicycle procure and guided outings.

Annapurna Mountain Bikes The youthful colleagues behind this Thamel adventure offer excursions around the Kathmandu Valley, Annapurna region and Upper Mustang. Charges are around US$75 to US$85 every day for medium-term trips. Bicycle contract and fixes accessible.

Chain ‘n’ Gear Mountain Bikes In Pokhara.

Day break Till Dusk Local trail blazing bicycle and nation wide visits, with a work area at the Kathmandu Guest House office.

Himalayan Single Track Offers an energizing and exhaustive cluster of bicycle visits taking in all the top picks, in addition to Upper Mustang, Manaslu, the Jomsom–Muktinath Trail and even overland cycling excursions to Tibet and helibiking. Goliath bicycle rental, deals and full overhauling is accessible. It likewise runs week after week social rides and ladies’ rides from Kathmandu. Contact Santosh Rai. Situated in Thamel.

Nepal Mountain Bike Tours Kathmandu Valley outings and that’s just the beginning.

Shipping Your Own Bicycle

In the event that you intend to do a mountain-biking excursion of over a day or two, it might be a smart thought to bring your own bike from home. Your bike can be conveyed as a major aspect of your things remittance on worldwide flights. You are required to collapse the tires, turn the handlebars corresponding with the edge and evacuate the pedals. Entry through Nepali traditions is very basic once you console air terminal officials that it is ‘your’ bike and it will likewise be coming back with you, however this necessity is rarely implemented.

On most household flights, in the event that you pack your bike effectively, expelling haggles, it is conceivable to stack it in the payload hold. Check with the carrier first.

Nearby transports are helpful on the off chance that you wish to keep away from a portion of the courses that convey overwhelming traffic. You can put your bike on the rooftop for an extra charge (Rs 50 to Rs 100 relying upon the length of the excursion and the transport organization). Remember that more stuff is probably going to be stacked on top once you’re inside. A lock and chain is an insightful speculation.


The greater part of the bikes for lease in Nepal are low-quality, Indian and Chinese off-road bicycles, not reasonable for the rigors of trail riding. The better administrators lease excellent front-stun, 18-gear off-road bicycles made by Giant or Trek for around US$12 to US$15 every day, with limits for seven days’ contract. Any good rental shop will supply a head protector, lock and essential fix pack.

On the off chance that you bring your own bike, it is basic to bring devices and extra parts, as these are generally inaccessible outside of Kathmandu. Set up trail blazing bicycle visit administrators have mechanics, workshops and a full scope of bike instruments at their workplaces in Kathmandu.