Peak Climbing In Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country famous all over the world for the Himalayas. There are more than thousands of mountain peaks in Nepal. There are 1,310 peaks above 6000 meters, of which only 238 are available for climbing. Nepal has a top 8 mountain range above 8000 meters, which includes the highest peak of the world Mount Everest.

Top Highest Peak Of Nepal

Mount Everest Sagarmatha

Mount Everest is world highest peak of the world with height of 8848.86m .

Mt Everest is dream destination for adventurous people all around the world. It is most popular trekking area for internal and external tourist in Nepal.

Mount Kanchanjunga

Mount Kanchanjunga is third highest peak of the world with height of 8598m.

The trek takes us on a breathtaking view of the Jannu Himalayas from the Mirgin La. Visiting the serene villages on the edge of the city of Sikkim and Tibet is the stunning landscape of the trek.


Lhotse is third highest peak of Nepal with height of 8516m.In addition to the main summit of Lhotse, the mountain consists of two peaks, Lhotse Middle and Lhotse Shar. The Lhotse climbers share the same base camp as the Everest climbers, and the climbing route is also paired to Camp 3.


Makalu is the fourth highest mountain in Nepal and the fifth highest mountain in the world at an altitude of 8.485m/27.838ft.  It is situated on the border between Nepal and China, about 19 km southeast of Mount Everest.


With a height of 8167m, Dhaulagiri is the sixth highest mountain in Nepal and the seventh highest mountain in the world.

The Dhaulagiri massif in Nepal stretches 120 km from the Kaligandaki River west to the Bheri River.


Manaslu is an eighth highest mountain in the world with height of 8163m. Are you aware, with one fearful fact of Mount Mansalu, that Mount Manaslu is also known as the Killer Mountain, you know why?

Towering above the pine forests of the Buddhi Gandaki valley of Nepal, the mighty Manaslu is nicknamed “killer mountain” by locals because more than 60 people have died on its treacherous slopes.

Mount Annapurna

Annapurna  is the tenth highest  mountain range in the earth . It rises east of the Kali Gandaki Gorge, which separates it from the Dhaulagiri mountain range, which is 34 km to the west, and is considered the deepest gorge on Earth.

Annapurna means “full of food” in Sanskrit and is usually translated as the goddess of the harvest. It has height of 8091m.

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