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Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

Trip Introduction


The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve lies in the Terai of eastern Nepal covering a territory 175 km 2 (68 sq mi). It is arranged on the flood fields of the Sapta-Koshi in Saptari and Sunsari Districts of Eastern Nepal. In 1987 the reserve was declared as the first Ramsar site of Nepal, to achieve conservation and sustainable use of its wetlands. Likewise, in 2004, an area of 175 km² surrounding the reserve was declared as the buffer zone. This is the main National Park of Nepal built up to safeguard an extraordinary biological system altogether important to the entire world. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is one of the best birding region in Asia. It is famous best area for birding. Birds sweethearts touch base here looking for delightful flying creatures.The inclusion of fields is 68%, contrasted with just about 6%of timberland, which is secured by Sisso, Patches of Khair backwoods. Somewhere in the range of 514 types of plants are found including Kapok, Sugarcane, reed, Cattail, Imperata cylindrica, eel grass and types of Eichornia, Hydrilla, Azolla and Lotus. A wide scope of faunal species occupy the ensured region . Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Camp is a combined tour which is a blend of historical and jungle safari in Nepal. Your memorable 4 days trip starts from Kathmandu Valley with choice of several options of transportation like flight, Deluxe Bus, Private car and local transportation.

Main Attraction

Around 441 species of birds-many seen now here else in Nepal (14 endemic species)- have been recorded, including 20 duck species , 2 Ibis species, white tailed stonechat , Striated marsh warbler, 30 shore birds, 114 water birds, and the endangered swamp partridge and Bengal florican. The Koshi Barrage is an extremely important resting place for many migratory birds, containing 87 winter and trans-Himalayan migratory species. The Koshi River is home to 80 species of fish. The endangered Gharial crocodile and Gangetic dolphin have been recorded in the river as well. During winter, many of the migratory birds can be seen on the Koshi Barrage and on the river channel. Migration usually peaks around mid March. Much wildlife visits these areas during dusk and dawn. The clear skies allow for beautiful sights of several Himalayan peaks including Makalu (8463m), the world's fifth highest peak.Visitors can arrange elephant ride from Reserve Headquarters

It is home of imperiled creatures like wild bison wild pig, hoard deer, spotted deer, blue ringer and jackal, Gharial Crocodile and Gangetic dolphin and so on. It has one of only a handful couple of elephant stables of Asia. In this water courses and lakes, 200 types of fish have been recorded. We can see frog , reptile ,wind, turtle, Gharial and Mugger crocodile happen too. For the most part under studies used to come in visits to visit this territory, where they can appreciate winged creature watching strolls, elephant rides, pontoon excursions, settlement and dinners at the rose camps inside the parks, town walk, delicate untamed life boating.

Major Activities

Bird Watching Camp Observation Tower Wild water Buffalo tracking. Boating Campfire and Dinner in Buffer Zone Wilderness drive Gagentic Dolphin Watching in Saptakoshi river Protected Reptiles Village Visit

Entry Fee for Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

Nepali SAARC Foreigners Child discount

NRs. 100 per person          NRs. 750 per person                   NRs. 1,500 per person          Below 10 yrs free


Best suggestion to visit

  • Koshi Tappu has to offer a great deal to its visitors. Birds watching is prefarably the best in Asia which supports in our motivation and imagining birds which migrate all from the places far from here. Besides wild buffalo that is found in kosi tappu has its origin just in this place.
  • Other pleural activities are considered the best time vacation in and out of country.
  • Always wear dull colors while on a safari so that you do not attract any unwanted attention. This will help you camouflage into your surroundings; hence, colors such as black, brown, gray, and tans are much better than bright colors such as red, yellow, and so on.
  • Since it is hot in koshi tappu, you should bring plenty of drinking water.
  • Indeed, you are in the middle of the dense forest; you will have several bushes and insects lurking around. Therefore, wearing comfortable shoes that cover your foot well and clothes that protect you is necessary.
  • Sunscreen is the most important when the sun is boiling high right there.
  • If you have the safari experience in winter, it is best to wear layers to keep you warm. Likewise, if you are out for the experience during monsoon, you must take a reliable raincoat with you.
  • Moving on, you should always be prepared for rashes and bites. Always carry a repellent and a natural bug spray.
  • An experience like this should be captured at the moment. Make sure you have a camera with a good lens and a binocular so you can zoom in to look into your background.
  • If you are on for the adventure, always ensure you have plenty of cash, as sometimes the ATMs charge you extra for the withdrawal.

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