Manakamana Tour Package

Manakamana Tour Package

Hindus from India & Nepal flock to Manakamana for worship. Manakamana Devi, meaning the goddess who grants wishes, is the name of the ancient Durga sculptures shrine. People, therefore pay homage to the god & pray for their wishes to be granted. So Manakamana Tour Packages are widely famous in Nepal

The white Himalayan range, lush hills, and a traditional rural village are all visible from the top of the hill where the Manakamana Temple is located. Geographically, it is located in the Gorkha District’s Ichcha-manakamana Rural Municipality. The first cable taxi company in Nepal is available here, taking passengers to a temple. The Manakamana Cable Car terminal is around 105 kilometers from Kathmandu, the capital city. The journey there will take about three hours. Anybody can get to the Mnakamana temple by hiking or taking a cable car from the bottom at Kurintaar.

The Hindu deity Bhagawati, an avatar of the Parvati god, is worshipped in the Manakamana Devi temple. Mana, which means soul, & Kamana, which means wish, are two terms that can be combined. Many believers believe that even if you pray fervently, your requests will be granted. All people who travel to Goddess Bhagawati’s shrine to adore her are said to get their wishes granted. The temple is perched 1302 feet above sea level on a hill, and from its summit, you can see Marshyangdi flowing in the west and the Trishuli river valley in the south.

Visiting the Manakamana Temple:

An Extracurricular- curricular Mandir Darshan Trip is indeed the ideal way to pay for a spiritual trip to the Manakamana temple, one of Nepal’s oldest temples. This respected temple’s name, Manakamana, honors the god of wish. Local mythology holds that people who visit this sacred location and express a desire from a good heart can have their request granted. This sacred location is situated 1,302 meters above sea level in the Gorkha district of Nepal. From the ridge, one can see Marshyangdi Rivers in the west and the spectacular Trishuli Rivers in the south in a most lovely way. 

  • Tour helping person.
  • Shopping, Souvenir, and Tip

One-Day Tour Cost:

Package Price Per Person:

NPR. 1900 for each individual (bus/Hiace)

NPR. 3100 for each individual (Scorpio)

NPR. 3800 for family 04 Pax (Private Vehicle)

Costs for Nepali Persons:

For Manakamana Temple darshan, the cost is:

S.No.VehicleCapacity for CarryingPer-Person Cost (NPR)
1.Hiace Tourist16 to 18 person1799 Each day, (Departure)
2.Bus20 to 30 person1600
3.Jeep Scorpio6 to 8 person2650
4.Car2 to 4 person3490
Costs for Foreigner’s Persons:
S.No.VehicleCapacity for CarryingPer-Person Cost (NPR)
1.Hiace Tourist16 to 18 personUS$15 Each day, (Departure)
2.Bus20 to 30 personUS$15
3.Jeep Scorpio6 to 8 personUS$25
4.Car2 to 4 personUS$32
  • Foreigner Child – US$15

NOTE: The cost of the daily fixed departure Manakamana Temple Darshan trip for one person is NPR (1750, which includes both pickup and drop-off from Manakamana).

The cost shown in the chart above also includes cable car fares. These cars make it possible to see the temple in a single day. After Manakamana Dharshan, they leave early and return the same day. You can always get in touch with us if you’d like to attend to temple in just one day. Additionally, our tourist shuttle is available to you every day.

  • Everyday Fixed Departure for Three Nights and Four Days @ NPR. 11,000

Manakamana Darshan Sewa likewise offers a sweeping vista of northern mountainous regions northern mountainous regions. Among such well-known distant mountains include Mountain Manaslu, Mountain Himchuli, & Mount Annapurna.

In truth, there are around 140 kilometers from Manakamana & Kathmandu (87 miles). One may reach Kurintar, Chitwan, through the Prithvi Highway, from where they can get a cable car to the Muktinath temple. The distance of the trip is 104 kilometers across Kathmandu to Kurintar. A Manakamana cable car ride in Kurintar, adjacent to the Trishuli River, starts with Manakamana Temple darshan Sewa, which concludes at the Manakamana Mandir. Thanks to this cable car, Nepal’s first ropeway, climbing to Manakamana temple first from the bottom up is just no longer an option. If you wish to hike to Manakamana, you can utilize the common trail starting from the bottom.

Visiting Manakamana Cable Car Information:

The first passenger transit vehicle in Nepal was a cable car, & both residents & tourists love it. Visitor transportation to a temple of the fabled wish-fulfilling god Manakamma takes place by a 10-minute cable car journey. Just on road to Pokhara, 104 kilometers from Kathmandu, the cable car trip begins at Cheers.

Operating electricity for cable carscommencing at 523 kW and continuing at 420 kW
People per carrier6
Quantity of towers20
Ability to use a backup generator800kW
Height of the bottom station (Kurintar)268% above sea level
highest station elevation (Manakamana mandir)At 1302 meters above sea level
timing of a cable vehicle8 to 9 minutes traveling at 6 m/s
A 3 KM distance is covered by a cable car.Just in 10 minutes.
The cable car system can transport660 individuals per hour in total.

The cost of the Manakamana Cable Car ride:

An adult’s fare for the Manakamana Cable Car is Rs. 675. The 2 different fares for such Manakamana Cable Car is displayed here. The cost varies based on whether you are a student, an old person, or a child. See details about Manakamana Cable Car Fares:

Time for the Manakamana Cable Car:

In actuality, about 600 people ride the Manakamana cable car each hour. Because the number of people visiting Manakamana can occasionally be at its peak, you may be required to join the line. The carriers can also carry six people in one go, & their speeds range from 0 to 6 meters per second. Therefore, at 6 m/s, the entire ride time on the Manakamana cable car would be 8.40 mins.

Safety of Manakamana Cable Car:

In event of a power outage, the backup power ensures that the Manakamana cable car continues to run without incident. Additionally equipped with a hydraulic emergency drive, the cable car. In a similar vein, highly qualified personnel are always prepared for a rescue mission. Its cable car maker has also provided the workers with cutting-edge rescue equipment.

To visit many more attractions places:

  • Has a view of the Trisuli and Marsyangdi Valleys.
  • Dasain and Nag Panchami are two well-known festivals celebrated in Manakamana.
  • Manaslu, Hiuchuli, and Annapurna: Magnificent Sight.
  • At Kurintar, take a cable car to a hilltop platform.
  • Includes pick-up & delivery from hotels.
  • A beautiful journey from Kathmandu along the Trishuli River.
  • Enjoy the expansive vistas of the Himalayas.
  • Professional guidance.
  • Private transportation with air conditioning.

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