Langtang Trekking In Nepal January 30, 2022

The Langtang trek is the third most trek in Nepal after Everest and Annapurna. After some reconstruction and stabilization of the trekking route, Langtang National Park has opened for trekking again. The local community needs tourism for reconstruction and development.

Mount Langtang Lirung expedition begins at Syabru Besi (1462m.) after a 7-8 hours drive from Kathmandu. Snowy Dream Journey Treks & Expedition climbing guide led through the beautiful valley of Bamboo lama hotel Langtang village and finally reached Kyanjin Gompa then guided to Langtang Lirung base camp. Good physical fitness and climbing skills are required for climbing Langtang living.

Autumn & spring season is the best time for Langtang living climbing but we Snowy Dreamworld Trekking arrange around the year as per mountaineers wish and holiday frame. Since the Langtang Lirung expedition has been open for mountaineering numerous mountaineers/ adventure seekers successfully reach the summit. Snowy Dream World Treks and Expeditions Pt. Ltd professional climbing guide will take you safely to the summit in a professional manner.

Good To Know

Snowy Dream World Treks and Expeditions Pt. Ltd. is an authorized Trekking agency from the Nepal government and Nepal tourism Board and established with the team who have long experience in the field of mountain expedition in Nepal with Trekking and climbing peak Tour. We are determined to run the organization to provide quality service with guest satisfaction. We have been organizing a lot of adventure activities like Trekking in Nepal, Nepal Peak Climbing, Expedition in Nepal Paragliding, Tours, Bungee jumping, Wilderness safari adventures, Mountain flights, Rock climbing, White River Rafting, Zip Flying, Nepal Hiking, Mountain Biking, Swimming, and so on. Snowy Dream World Treks deserves to explore beautiful Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, India from anywhere around the world.

Difficulty Level 

There are 10 days of strenuous trekking on this trip. You’ll be trekking up to 8 hours a day and at altitudes over 4000 meters at times, so you need to be aware of altitude sickness. Visit: :   It’s very important to be in excellent fitness and health, which means training in the lead up to your trip in order to be best prepared.

    The trekking lodges, known as teahouses, that you stay in on the trek are very simple with only basic facilities. Hot water may not always be available and may cost extra, as well as access to electricity points for charging devices. Wi-Fi is available at some locations but connections may be poor. What you need to take will vary depending on the season you are trekking in and it’s important to be prepared.

The Langtang trek is a popular route and you will encounter many other trekkers and groups on your trip during your hike and at the teahouses. If you are after a trek that sees fewer travelers and spends more time trekking through communities rather than on a more established route.

Due to the nature of outdoor travel, please be aware that this trip will operate on an amended itinerary in high-risk weather conditions.

Best Season: Spring and Autumn

These seasons have stable weather conditions with bearable temperatures. During these seasons you will have an easy time walking on the warm sunny days on the drier trails. As obvious of the mountains, the nights and morning can become colder yet, remain bearable.


From spaghetti to Nepali staple food i.e DalBhat, you will find many kinds of healthy and tasty food at different tea houses during the Langtang trek. They prepare healthy food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that serves vegetarian as well as nonvegetarian preferences along with alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.

First Aid: Preparation for Altitude

  1. Forms of High Altitude Sickness
  2. AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) Signs and Symptoms
  3. High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema (HAPE)
  4. High Altitude Cerebral Oedema (HACE)
  5. Frost Bites
  6. Snow Blindness
  7. Use of Associated Drugs
  8. Mountain hazards
  9. Familiarization and Use of Portable Altitude Chamber (PAC) or Hyperbaric Chamber


In addition to the items in our checklist you will need to take the following things on the list:

  • Heavyweight gloves
  • Down vest and jacket
  • Fleece or wool trouser
  • Trekking or Hiking Boots
  • Thick and warm wool hiking socks
  • Footwear around the camp
  • Telescopic Trekking/Ski poles

Extra Luxuries


         Reading Book

         Trail map/Guide book

         Journal and Pen


 Travel games: Chess, Ludo Scrabble

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Some of the most popular sites in trekking include:

Langtang Gosainkunda Trek

Langtang Helambu Gosainkunda Trek

Short Trek

Mustang Region  Trek

Remote Area Trek

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